Govt Funding Promises

Conservative Conference Promises on mental health

<1> The government said there would be an extra £2.3bn a year by 2023-4 to improve mental health care and £975m of funding was earmarked to provide community mental health provision.

The 2.3bn figure was announced when the government outlined its future priorities for the NHS in January under the NHS Long Term Plan. The 12 pilot areas will be funded from this pot.

Mental health minister Nadine Dorries said the plans for a new approach to mental health treatment and £70m of investment in pilot areas would begin a "step-change" in provision.

The pilot areas will cover services in the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, Frimley Health and Care, and Surrey Heartlands; providers for Cambridge and Peterborough; Hertfordshire and West Essex; north-west London; north-east London; Herefordshire and Worcestershire; Lincolnshire; South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw; Cheshire and Merseyside, and Somerset.

Ministers say the plans will involve a range of mental health issues, including eating disorders and alcohol addiction, psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Speaking ahead of the start of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Ms Dorries added: "We know there are many causes behind mental illness - including significant life changes, problems at work or addiction - so it is only right that the NHS brings services together to serve patients in their communities."

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