Graduates Need Mental Health Support

Graduates 'need mental health support'

Ex-students suffering a "low period" after leaving the university "bubble" need more support, a charity has said.

Megan Elias described feeling lonely after struggling to find work when she left Bangor University and moved back home to Old Colwyn, Conwy.

She said she expected to find a job quickly but struggled when she did not.

Mind Cymru said it was important people had access to counselling after leaving university.

"I lived with my friends for three years and it was hard to move back home with my parents - older people," she told S4C's Newyddion9 programme.

"Many of my friends had got jobs before graduating and if you've been on the same path, you want to be as successful as them.

"I was so happy to see them succeed but I thought - why not me?"

Mind Cymru said students suffer difficult periods after leaving university

There are no official figures on the numbers who experience mental health issues after leaving university but research by the City Mental Health Alliance found 49% of students felt low after graduating.

Megan, who graduated with a first class honours degree in Welsh, believes it is a bigger problem than most think.

She added: "You go from your little bubble to back home and the truth is you have changed - I changed a lot in university."

Mind Cymru director Sarah Moseley said it was a "hard period".

"We see a correlation between people not being able to find long term work and trying to reach their goals and it's harmful to their mental health," she said.

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