Street Names

Cannabis, Weed, Blow, Dope, Pot, Hash, Hashish, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Gear, Skunk, Ganja, Smoke, Blunts, Puff.


Resin: Black, dark brown or pale brown sticky hardish lump. Weed: Leaf form pale green or dark green. Skunk: Hybridised bud form; pale green to khaki. Oil: Black liquid form (rare)
1/8th oz costs £15.

Methods of Ingestion

Smoked in ‘joints’ (cigarettes) or ‘spliffs’, in bongs (water pipes) or pipes or eaten.

Consequences of use

EFFECTS: A hallucinogenic that in low doses produces social relaxation and appreciation of music, tastes, smells and sound. In higher doses or with strong forms such as SKUNK intoxication produces strong hallucinations of all types and paranoia. Cannabis can induce psychosis and is known to affect some people with mental health problems in an adverse way. Alcohol can increase the severity of the effects.

Progress - National Consortium of Consultant Nurses in Dual Diagnosis & Substance Use