Who are Progress?

A consortium of Consultant Nurses in co-occurring mental health, alcohol and drug (COMHAD) difficulties who work in partnership with other national experts in co-occurring mental health, alcohol and drug difficulties


At a national consultant nurse meeting in London 2002 an opportunity for nurse consultants to establish groups based on their specialism was facilitated.

Those working in the field of; co-occurring mental health, alcohol and drug difficulties, alcohol and drugs formed a discreet group.

The aim of this group, which named itself Progress, was to provide mutual support from what was perceived to be similar practice and service development agendas.

The role of consultant nurse was also fairly new and subsequently support in operating at a strategic level was needed and forthcoming.

Jood Gibbins from Dorset and Cheryl Kipping from South London and the Mausdsley were instrumental in establishing the forum and sustaining it over several years. Of late the role of chair has fallen to Dave Manley.

Current status

Progress aim to:

a) Influence the National agenda.
b) Be an expert opinion.


  • A forum of consultant nurses (and others) that maintain regular contact with each other for the purpose of sharing expert practice and providing mutual support.
  • To be an expert reference group to inform national developments in the field of dual diagnosis and drug and alcohol use in practice, policy and research.
  • Protecting “Consultant Nurse” roles and development through peer support.

Achieved by

  • A “virtual” network (email/instance messaging conversations).
  • Hosting a website.
  • Regular face to face meetings.
  • Responding to National consultations.
  • Lobbying.
  • Collaboration on joint projects.
  • Developing and disseminating new knowledge through journal articles, editorial presence.


Progress is a closed membership consisting of

  • Nurse consultants in “co-occurring mental health, alcohol and drug difficulties”
  • Nurse consultants “substance use”
  • Other national “experts in the field”
Progress - National Consortium of Consultant Nurses in Dual Diagnosis & Substance Use