Street Names

Amphetamine Sulphate: Phet, Speed, Whizz, Billy, Base, Billy Whizz, Sulph.


White, yellowish or pink powder. Or as base grey putty like substance. Sold in ¼ oz wraps at £10-15.

Methods of Ingestion

Snorted, wrapped in a cigarette paper and swallowed (Bombed), Dabbed onto the tongue or gums with a finger and injected intravenously or intramuscularly.

Consequences of use

EFFECTS: Decreased appetite, feelings of high energy, sleeplessness, weight loss, paranoia, increased confidence, increased sexual drive, aggression and violence.
NB some people experience PARADOXICAL effects which can be the opposite of these effects.

Progress - National Consortium of Consultant Nurses in Dual Diagnosis & Substance Use