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Dual Diagnosis -

Our aim is to improve the support and treatment for individuals who have co-existing mental health and alcohol and drug difficulties, which is known as a dual diagnosis.

Individuals with a dual diagnosis often have a range of problems, which can require a range of solutions. Help and support needs to be accessible and flexible, which will meet the needs of the individual. Treatment should be shaped by those accessing services whenever possible, based on their own personal recovery goal.

This website aims to provide good quality information for individuals who have a dual diagnosis, their families and carers, and health and social care workers providing support and treatment.

This site was launched in May 2009, its aim is for it to become a national resource; sharing evidence based practice, local strategies and individual experiences which will shape a more effective response for those with a dual diagnosis. Progress can help shape national policy, its future direction will in part, depend, on what you would like to see on this site, please let us know.

The latest substance misuse data collated across Europe (EMCDDA, 2017) can be accessed here www.emccda.europa.eu and most recent dual diagnosis best practice options across Europe can be accessed here www.emcdda.eu

NICE Dual Diagnosis Guidance Download the guidance here www.nice.org.uk and www.nice.org.uk

Drug misuse and dependence UK Guidelines on Clinical Management 2017 'Orange Book' www.gov.uk

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Service Users' SectionService Users

Follow this link if you are someone looking for help and advice on mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

Carers' SectionCarers

Use this section if you are someone who is concerned about or looking after someone:

  • with a mental health problem that is also using drugs and/or alcohol, or
  • a drug/alcohol problem and have concerns about their mental health and would like to find out more.
Health Workers' SectionHealth/Social Worker

Health care workers: If you are a health or social care worker looking for more information on dual diagnosis (coexisting mental health and substance use) please visit this section. In this section you will also find educational resources and workforce capability advice.

Progress - National Consortium of Consultant Nurses in Dual Diagnosis & Substance Use